• Bearing improper use of injury causes
  • 1úČImproper installation (about 16%)
    Installation, use brute force, a direct hit with a hammer bearings SKF bearings greatest harm; caused by the deformation of the main reasons for.
    Installation is not in place, deviation or not installed onto the the SKF Bearings bit, causing the bearing clearance is too small. Inside and outside the ring is not in the same center of rotation, resulting in a different heart.
    Recommendation: Select the appropriate or professional bearing installation tool installed to use special equipment testing.
    2, poor lubrication (about 50%)
    According to the survey, poor lubrication is one of the main cause premature failure of SKF bearings. Mainly due to: and not timely filling of lubricants or lubricants; lubricants or lubricants are not filling in place; improper selection of lubricants or lubricants; lubrication incorrect.
    Recommendation: Choose the correct lubricant or lubricants, use the correct lubrication filling.
    3, pollution (about 14%)
    Pollution can lead to premature failure of SKF bearings pollution is dust, metal shavings into the SKF bearing internal. The main reasons include: bearing packaging prior to use to open prematurely, causing pollution; installation dirty work environment, causing pollution; bearing the dirty work environment, the pollution of the working medium.
    Recommendation: best not to open the the SKF bearings packaging; installation, keep the environment clean install, bearing cleaning; enhanced SKF bearing sealing device before use.
    4, fatigue (about 34%)
    Fatigue failure is bearing a common way of damage. Common fatigue failure may be due to: the SKF bearing long-term overload operation; maintenance is not timely; improper maintenance; equipment bearings exposed to contaminants or moisture environment. If the work is interrupted greaseproof paper plastic sheet or similar material to cover once the machine. Case without disassembling may perform inspection, cleaning without masking the bearing to the coating with the brush coated with petroleum solvent cleaning a lint-free cloth to dry or blow dry with compressed air (be careful not to let SKF bearing assembly starting rotation).
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