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    Koyo bearings Co., Ltd. and Toyoda Machine Works, Ltd. merged on January 1, 2006, and have made a new start as JTEKT Corporation. As a company centered on the automotive parts business that possesses a firm technological base cultivated through long years of bearing and machine tool manufacturing, Main business activities of JTEKT is: manufacture of steering systems, driveline components, machine tools, home accessories and ball & roller bearings

    JTEKT Corporation engineering and manufacturing capabilities range from super large bearings with outer diameters of seven meters to miniature bearings with inner diameters as small as one millimeter. Utilizing new materials and the latest in manufacturing technology, JTEKT Corporation has developed hybrid ceramic bearings and a variety of extreme special environment bearings to meet the increasingly severe and demanding requirements of modern industries. JTEKT Corporation stands at the forefront, as a technological leader in the    U. S. and World Bearing Industry.

    JTEKT aims to be among the world's top 10 automotive parts suppliers. In its four product divisions it will continue to pursue excellence in product quality and reliability. JTEKT Corporation is presently the leading steering systems maker in Japan and the No. 2 maker worldwide. Through consistently high levels of product quality and performance as well as being the first maker to develop electric and hydroelectric power steering systems, JTEKT has earned the respect and trust of automakers and industrial manufacturers around the world.


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            OCT  10 2012Practical bearings rapid diagnostic skills     bearings
            Bearing good or bad, often simply judge the actual condition monitoring. Can be used long, sophisticated analytical and diagnostic diagnostic bearing a parts failure is often not practical. Practical precision diagnosis due to the conditions, and other factors affect, and often can not find the corresponding characteristic frequency of the bearing. Although in recent years, the development of a wavelet analysis and fast vibration the demodulation analysis techniques accurately, but the necessary equipment into a larger, need more analysis, on-site fault diagnosis usually less applications. Take practical diagnostic dimensionless parameters and dimensionless parameters judgment bearings fast fault diagnosis, spectrum analysis in the frequency of vibration speed, combined bearings kurtosis value of comprehensive diagnosis. When two conditions transgression, faulty judgment bearing. Prove bearing fault diagnosis is very useful to determine quickly, accurately, and this method to judge after three years of practice. The accuracy rate of more than 90%. Diagnosis into the bearings were basically in the post-failure stage, has a very good value for money. When monitoring to bearing low-frequency vibration when the other. Exclusion unit misalignment, imbalance, structural loosening, the basic resonance structural factors, even in the absence of the bearing characteristic frequency, should be decisive judgment bearing failure overhaul.
            OCT  10 2012Considerations for using bearings     bearings
              1. Keep clean the bearings and the surrounding environment as possible. Even invisible micro dust into the bearing, sometimes also increases bearing wear, vibration and noise.   2. To be carefully when installing, do not allow powerful punch, tap bearing with a hammer directly is not allowed, passed through the rolling pressure is not allowed.   3. Use and precise installation tools, using special tools as much as possible, avoid using things like fabric and fiber.   4. Prevent corrosion of the bearing, the direct use of hands when taking bearings to fully wash away the sweat on his hand and coated with high quality mineral oil for operations, paying particular attention to rust in the rainy season and summer.
            OCT  10 2012Bearing installation check     Bearing
            Dial fixed on the tank shell surface, touch the top of the table in the bearing ring raceway top rotating bearings, boundary observation indicator pointer, pointer to swing, note the shaft and axle centre line is not vertical. When the tank shell holes deep, thousand tables can also be used to lengthen the first test.   Thrust bearings are mounted correctly, the seat can automatically adapt to the rolling of the scroll bar, ensure the rolling body Raceway is located in the upper and lower circle. If installed backwards, bearing not only is not working properly, and the mating surfaces were badly worn. Due to the shaft and housing washers and the difference is not very apparent, Assembly should be careful not to make a mistake. In addition, the washer of the thrust bearing and the bearing seat 0.2-0.5mm gap should be left between the holes, for compensation of parts processing, installation errors caused by inaccurate when when operation Center deviation of bearing rings, this gap ensures that automatically adjust, avoid touching the friction so that its normal functioning. Otherwise, the bearing caused by severe injuries.
            OCT  10 2012KOYO bearings at high temperature     Bearings
            When temperatures rise when KOYO bearings, first of all to determine whether there is an error, if the temperature is rising, you should immediately do the following: (1). check cooling water pressure, flow and pipe systems are functioning correctly. If the water pressure may be filter clogged, cannot be processed in a timely manner, can shut down, when the confirmation work, put into use again. (2.) should check the speed Governor oil pressure, if oil pressure may cause the cooling water of hydraulic valve to close. (3.) check for abnormal noise bearing, and inspecting the KOYO bearings swing for exceptions. (4). observation of taking oil sample oil color is changing, and for tests to see if bad. If confirmed when the deterioration, should be shut down replace new oil. (5). check oil oil level is normal, if irregular, check that the tank Vent valve is closed. If it is closed, oil supplement, if sealant gasket oil leakage should stop processing.
            OCT  10 2012Inspection of bearing and judgment     bearing
            In order to determine whether removing bearings can be used to check after the bearings clean, carefully check the roller surface, scroll, status of the mating surfaces, wear of the cage, the increase in bearing clearance and there's no falling damage, abnormal size precision. Non-separation of small ball bearings, supporting inner rings with one hand horizontally, rotate the outer ring to confirm in a smooth rotation State. Tapered roller bearings are separable bearings, rolling element and the Raceway in the outer ring can be respectively checked. Larger bearings cannot rotate, check rolling element and the Raceway, cage, sidewall surface appearance. the importance of as high as possible shall be carefully inspected.
            OCT  10 2012Bearings running fever     Bearing
            Bearing rotation sound check with a stethoscope, etc., there is a strong metal noise, abnormal sound, irregular sound described exception. The reason for poor lubrication, shaft or bad bearing accuracy, bearing damage, foreign invasion. Differences grease in rolling bearings constitute the outline of the opening of differences like, must constitute the contours, very draft short walk should be when, in the long-term operation of the bearing temperature is low and smooth, this is a more fantasy lubrication fat, grease into drainage special primary. Popular conditions, the amount of rolling bearing grease filled, always beyond the direct intervention lubrication practice demand full holding shelves and bearing cover cavity, and an outline of the periphery of the rolling element. In this process, because the excess grease resistance, the bearing temperature rise very fast. Although most of the excess grease is squeezed out at the beginning of the operation, and crowded in the the raceway attachments grease may still be migrated transforming the rolling element into the raceway between.
            OCT  10 2012Bearing assembly rules     Bearing
            Bearing during assembly should be assembled in accordance with the requirements below'll tell you about what bearing assembly principle: (1) the assembly process, to make the center line of the shaft and the bearing hole coincide. Should the tilt, installation difficulties, but will also cause indentation, journal bending, or even cause the bearing inner ring fracture. (2) does not allow hand hammer directly beat the bearing outer ring, the inner ring. (3) heating the assembly of a large amount of interference and medium-sized bearing should avoid bearing direct bearing contact with the oil temperature is much higher than the bottom, in order to avoid local overheating leaving the rolling element and the inner and outer ring raceways annealing lose their hardness .
            OCT  10 2012Bearings matters     Bearings
            Choice and control, shaft and bearing chamber tolerances: After the bearings are pressed into rotating flexible block flu. If any signs of rotation is not flexible, indicates that the size of the shaft is too much tolerance to be reduced. Bearing pressed into the shaft turned by hand there is obviously a sense of "imperfections", it may be too much tolerance of the shaft or shaft roundness bad. Therefore, the control shaft and the bearing chamber tolerances should control roundness, many domestic manufacturers tolerance control control, no roundness. 2, the bearing assembly: because the bearings are high precision products, such as improper assembly easily pair of angular ball bearing channel cause injury, resulting in damage to the angular contact ball bearings. Angular contact ball bearings in the assembly should have a dedicated mold and can not beat, only a small circle force pressed into the shaft, the pressure of the big circle can only large circle force. Assembly requires the use of pneumatic or hydraulic press-fit upper and lower die outside the state level, tilt, if any, the bearing channel will result in damage due to power, the bearings produce a guide ring. 3, the assembly of the foreign body to prevent: iron filings into the bearing internal bearings can easily be mounted on the rotor to be balanced dynamic balance, therefore it is best to do balancing mounted bearings. Some manufacturers in order to facilitate assembly, the bearing indoor assembly coated with oil or grease for lubrication effect, but often operating staff is difficult to control the amount of, oil or grease in the bearings indoor accumulates more in the rotation of the bearing. easy to enter the interior of the bearing along the shaft. Bearing chamber is preferably not coated with oil or grease, such as non-coated not have to control may not bearing indoor accumulates. Bearing life is closely related with the manufacture, assembly, use, must in every aspect of the well to the bearings in the best operating condition, thus extending the service life of the bearings.
            OCT  10 2012Cause of the overheated bearing     bearing
            In practice, it is necessary to use more than the recommended amount of grease is there. When the desired torque is low, complete need only very little grease for lubrication of the bearings. When the speed is very low, and when the bearings are exposed to dust or moisture, bearing probably will be filled. Angular contact ball bearing in high speed and high temperature conditions than under normal circumstances require more frequent lubrication. Larger bearings cannot rotate, check rolling element and the Raceway, cage, sidewall surface appearance, as high as possible the importance of bearing shall be carefully inspected. Cause of the overheated bearing could not be installed properly, skewed installation may cause scroll ball is not in the correct position of the bearing Raceway that even larger ball end and bearing inner race and outer race retaining axial force, cause the bearings to overheat. Also has also a may is axis trail and bearing block hole of size measurement not precise or tie surface rough degrees not reached standard requirements, caused had big of had Ying tie, makes bearing block ring was is big squeeze, thus led to bearing itself of radial clearance reduced, makes corner contact ball bearing turn difficulties, and fever, wear increased or card died, serious Shi will caused bearing both inside and outside block ring in installed Shi.
            OCT  10 2012Control method of bearing Raceway     bearing
            Bearing Raceway Raceway is sound and its control method when the bearing operation, rolling across the Raceway surface and make a slippery continuous sounds are all typical of cylindrical roller bearings are essential. General bearing Raceway acoustic sound that is combined with other sounds. Ball bearing roller is irregular, above 1000Hz frequency, frequency of rate changes with the speed, but the overall sound pressure level increases with accelerating speed of. Roller bearing raceways for its acoustic sound pressure level diminishes with the increase of viscosity while small bearing Raceway, its sound pressure level in the viscosity increases to about 20mm2/s above, by reduction to increased. Greater the rigid housings, roller lower the overall sound pressure level of sound. Radial clearance is too small, and Raceway total sound pressure level and frequency will increase sharply as the reduction in radial internal clearance. Method of controlling the rolling sound: Optional low noise bearings bearing corrugated-small, carefully choose the conditions of use. Acoustic noise affecting the whole machinery of the Raceway, Raceway reduction can reduce the noise of machinery as a whole.
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